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Topic: FREE Live Performance Demo Recording of Your Group!

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FREE Live Performance Demo Recording of Your Group!

I am creating a new business for remote recording. I have the equipment to record 24 tracks on location. I am looking for bands or musical groups that want a remote recording to use as a demo. I am looking for 5 groups to record. The decision of whom I will record will be mine. It will cost you nothing, but there are stipulations. 

1. I will choose the location to record at, based on your upcoming schedule. 
2. You will have no input into the final mix. After all, I am shouldering all the expense and risk. I can't afford to spend too much time in post. 
3. I will provide you with 1 rough mix CD or 1 real-time DAT or cassette of the performance so you can choose which performances were good enough for the final CD. 
4. I will give you 2 CD's of the final mix. In return, you will agree to allow me to use the performances as demos for my service. 

If you can agree to these terms, and are prepared to work with me, then we have a deal. You can respond to my special email address, recording@wulffmedia.com. I will write back with the information that I will need from you in order to begin setting up our session. 

Thanks for your help and cooperation. 
EMAIL: recording@wulffmedia.com 

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